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Research institute (RES)

Size of institution: 37 full time staff; 200 part time staff, 1500 adult education teachers, counsellors and mentors participating in SIAE continuing education programmes

Developing strategies and measures for promoting lifelong learning among population, providers of learning and policy makers in different areas (adult education, culture, regional development, strategy of economic development, national development plan) and different levels (national, regional, local)
Raising awareness of the importance of developing European dimension of lifelong learning and on the importance of developing life wide and life long dimensions of lifelong learning.
Research in participation in adult education
Research in the field of adult learning for active citizenship, improving access to adult education by developing the life long learning dimension of libraries (learning exchanges), cultural institutions (study circles in museums)
Developing motivation programmes for non -participants and would-be participants in adult education,
Developing new forms and methods in non- formal adult education
Developing and conducting programmes for continuing education of adult educators
Coordination and partnership in international projects (Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Phare, 5th Framework Programme)

Phone: + 386 1 584 25 80
Fax: + 386 1 445 881
Website: http://www.acs.si

Darijan Novak
Nataša Elvira Jelenc
Borka Slava Kucler
Franci Lajovic


Expertise in the field:
The SIAE has been promoting language learning of adults since the beginning of its existence, through many of its leading projects. Study circles (SC - originally from Sweden) are one of them. SIAE started to build up a network of SC in 1992. It is a type of non-formal learning in which a group of people interested in the same topic and willing to learn about it get together regularly. A specially (at the SIAE) trained mentor coordinates the sessions, and sets, together with all the other members, specific learning and action goals. The SC have been very popular in Slovenia since the beginning and are currently spreading all over the country even in very remote places. The topics SC have dealt with so far are language learning, learning about other nations' culture, customs, folk music, culinary art, geography and history.

Language teaching has been also part of the Learning Exchange project which is an information system linking together individuals who have some form of knowledge and are ready to share it with others. Information of learning supply and demand are communicated by telephone or electronic means and are furthermore published in the mass media.

SIAE has also developed a language portfolio for adults and has been coordinating its implementation in language classes or courses.
SIAE also has a network of open learning centres, where languages are the most popular subject. Members work individually with a mentor or by themselves. The centres are well equipped with good study material, multimedia and all the necessary technology.

Experience in cooperation
Being a central national institution for adult education in Slovenia, SIAE has many national and international contacts and relations with partners in Slovenia and abroad. It has been involved in many international projects such as: Phare Lien, Basic Adult Education as the Path Back into Society, 1998 (as partners), Phare Mocca - Pap Mocca, Stocktaking, Clarification of Concepts and Definition of Methodology, 1999 (as partners), Edgace, fifth framework programme Education and Training for Governance and Active Citizenship in Europe, 2000 (as partners), Phare Mocca Modernisation of Curricula, Certification and Assessment in Vocational Education for Youth and Adults in Slovenia, 2000 (as partners), Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility, Guidance and Counselling in Adult Education, 2001 (as co-ordinators and organisers of a study visit to Denmark). Within Slovenia SIAE co-operates at regional and local level with various local partner organisations in developing projects to assist local areas in the implementation of adult education.

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