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This is a public university and a teaching and research institution. It has 828 administrative and technical staff and 1282 academic staff. The departments involved in the project will be the School of Education, which has particular expertise in training teachers for students with special needs and the Department of Languages. The University is involved in both the Erasmus and Leonardo programmes and has bi-lateral agreements with universities around the world.


The School of Education and the Department of Modern Languages have been working closely together in the Allegro Project. The School of Education has particular expertise in training teachers for students with special needs. The Department of Modern Languages has contributed with financial, technical and methodological support.

Both the Department of Modern Languages and the School of Education are involved in a number of activities apart from the language teaching itself. Among those, the Modern Languages Department is responsible for language courses for students who are going abroad with an Erasmus grant. The languages taught are French, English, German and Italian. Some other courses include “New Technologies in language learning”, by Dr Aikin and Dr. de Gregorio; Apprendre en enseigner avec TV5, by Pedro Almodovar and Julián Serrano, “Creating material for the Infant and Primary Classroom”, or Audiolingual skills through the use of video”.
The University plays an active part in different European and national projects focused both on theoretical and practical aspects of language teaching and learning, such as “Primary Letter Box”, Comenius 2.1.

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