Two and three-year-olds, at a parent and toddler group in Nottingham, England, take part in Spanish games and dancing, eat tapas and have their faces painted with the Spanish flag.

In Cuenca, Spain, children with Down's syndrome are learning English using an interactive whiteboard.

ALLEGRO has been the recipient of three European Quality Labels,in France, in Slovenia and in the UK.

"You tell that Commission that we want more Dutch lessons."
A learner attending a taster course in Nottingham Prison, England

After discussing typical courses in Sweden the rumour spread to the centre restaurant who obtained the recipe for a Swedish speciality called Janssons Frestelse. It was put on the menu one Friday in the centre restaurant which caters to about 300 residents and outside users of the centre.


  • We have worked with 13 organisations in Nottingham and the East Midlands, forging close links with them at all levels.

  • We have set up 16 sub-projects, reaching a total of over 200 learners.

  • We have taught Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch.

  • Learners have varied in age from 2 to 70.

  • We have worked in two local prisons, providing opportunities to learn a language for inmates whose education programme cannot usually provide this.

  • We have set up several projects with parents and their children, to promote family learning and to show them how to encourage their children to become enthusiastic language learners.

  • Our teachers have come mainly from the Department of Languages at Nottingham Trent University and have welcomed this opportunity to widen their teaching experience.

  • We have won a European Award for Languages 2005 [European Languages Label] for our innovative work.

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