Every prison in Slovenia has a language learning circle.

"I have learned as much from the people I have taught as they have learned from me."
A teacher in Nottingham, England

In the Zarja Institute, Slovenia, participants recovering from head injuries have learned English, German, Italian and Spanish.

ALLEGRO has been the recipient of three European Quality Labels,in France, in Slovenia and in the UK.

After discussing typical courses in Sweden the rumour spread to the centre restaurant who obtained the recipe for a Swedish speciality called Janssons Frestelse. It was put on the menu one Friday in the centre restaurant which caters to about 300 residents and outside users of the centre.


It was great motivating our pupils to take part in this project despite their bad memories of their school days. One of the high points was the Allegro meeting in 2004 at Schotten Reha. This was not only important for the organisation but even more so for the participants. As they saw it, “The whole of Europe is interested in us”. It was exciting to develop teaching materials with the participants and to find a way of applying the new language methods. The aim of learning 150 items of vocabulary was achieved and in several cases exceeded. The self-esteem and the self-confidence of all participants has been significantly raised. Their fear of failure is no longer present. During the project they have developed a great willingness to learn, and they can now transfer this willingness to many areas of their lives.

Spanish lesson

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